Unedited feedback from my amazing students

Maryan Ibrahim (first language Arabic)

Irina is a professional and friendly English / ESL Teacher. I learned a lot from her knowledge. She is very flexible to help people to improve their qualifications in reading, speaking, listening and writing. I was level 4 when I started with her but now I am at level 6. I was shy of speaking with people but now I am very confident in my English. I am really happy to know you, Irina, and thanks so much for helping me.

Khadija Attazada (first language Dari)

I started to practice English with Irina 10 months ago and distinction is to achieve scoring more than 7 in IELTS . It’s a very convenient and effective way to improve my English with a professional teacher. She is a very kind, patient and friendly person. You can speak about weakness in English she always has best pathway to introduce you new and handy vocabulary to learn. After the lessons she always sends me some short topics to improve my reading and grammar and some audio to improve my listening. We make conversation regarding my speaking and pronunciation.
Now, I am much confident and fluent speaking English and can write academic.
I hope to continue with her.

Eden Aberham (first language Amharic)

English with Irina is just perfect
She’s positive, patient, kind, friendly, very professional and she is always smiling and happy. When I was in class I felt the confidence. She’s always given us feedback and advice at any time. These things help me to improve my listening, writing, reading and speaking skill. I become more confident. I appreciate you, Irina, I am so happy being your student. Thank you for helping me. Best wish. Eden Aberham

Mariam Karam (first language Arabic)

Irina, I would like to thank you for your efforts and support in studying English language throughout the last year. Irina, you helped me to improve my English skills which have a positive impact on me and let me to be more confident in express myself in English and that made my life easier and better. Irina, you have a great skills in dealing with me and my colleagues despite being from different cultures and you have the skills to spread an atmosphere of friendship which inspired us to be as a family. Although, the English course was a part time, you did an extensive effort to allow us to practice English either by speaking, writing, listening and reading. Irina, I will recommend you for all my friends who may be interested in studying and improving their English language.

Valentine (first language Kinyarwanda)

I started to practice English with Irina since September, 2018 . Irina is a very good teacher and a very friendly person, you can speak about different topic with her. Thank you, Irina for your wisdom and heart and all sweet things that you have done for us. For me it is the the best way to learn English. For these reasons, I recommend knowing and taking English classes with Irina.

Aparna (first language Telugu)

I can promise you that Irina will not only put out 100% as a teacher, but will also motivate you to move forward in your language journey and make real progress with a unique, enthusiastic and contagious style. And her class makes fun and fruitful. It was totally amazing to be in her class, to feel the Super High-Energy and to be inspired by her brilliant work. The knowledge she shares is an eye-opener for me and for all other teachers. I really feel proud, happy and honored to know her and she is truly a GREAT TEACHER and LEADER. Irina, I am so much inspired by you.