Speaking for Employment

Success in oral workplace communication requires accuracy, fluency and cultural appropriateness.  In this Speaking Skills course, you will learn and practise the correct and polite language used in common workplace contexts.  Language functions covered in the course include making small talk and introductions, giving and clarifying instructions, presenting opinions and suggestions, interrupting politely, asking permission, showing initiative and providing updates and feedback.

Clarity Course

The ability to speak clearly is crucial to effective communication in the workplace and daily life. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of the Canadian English sound system including vowel and consonant sounds, word and sentence stress, intonation and emphasis and thought groups, and practise these skills in a variety of real-life contexts.

Workplace Writing

Effective writing skills are critical for immigrant professionals working in a business environment or attempting to enter the Canadian professional workforce for the first time.  This Writing Skills course gives students the skills they need to feel confident and professional in their writing tasks.  The course includes the writing building blocks of grammar and syntax, as well as paragraph and e-mail writing